Best of Brand Spotlight: Grand View University Sets Standard with Viral Video Marketing

ELSM Staff Writer: Katie Burger

BoB Logo 2Chapel Hill, NC – Well-styled videography and emotionally connected content set Grand View University’s video entry apart from competitors, allowing the Vikings to clench the Pure Entertainment Category victory in last year’s Best of Brand Awards.  An interview with Head Coach Nick Mitchell brought insight to his program’s involvement with social media, videos, and the Best of Brand Awards.

The Viking’s social media sites were created just two years ago by one of their student-athletes.  Since that time, not only has the team garnered over 500 Twitter followers and gv1200 likes on Facebook, but keeping these sites updated with interesting content has become a group process involving Grand View Wrestling coaches, athletes, and parents.  Mitchell explained how with a relatively new program, these sites “are a good way to just get the word out about the team.”  And fortunately for the Vikings, winning the NAIA National Championships this past season has provided an abundance of positive content to for them highlight.

Last season also marked the first time the Vikings began to put out videos on their sites.  With help from a University videographer with a special interest in athletics, the Vikings created videos intended for their fans, including the Championship Lifestyle piece that won them the Pure Entertainment Category.  Mitchell emphasized the integral part their videographer played in their social media content, “He really deserves the credit.  He got the shots and the interviews and would have videos ready and posted by the end of the night.”

Grand View Best of Brand Shot

Head coach Nick Mitchell receiving Best of Brand award at NWCA Convention

When asked about the Championship Lifestyle video entry, Mitchell explained, “Once we found out about the Best of Brand Awards, we looked back on the videos we had and we had something worth turning in.”  He continued by saying that “it wasn’t that we were making videos geared towards the Awards Categories.  We wanted to do a good job of getting our information out and doing something that was interesting to parents and the public.  And if you do a good job, then it is going to be entertaining.”

This philosophy is Mitchell’s suggestion to new Best of Brand video competitors; “The main thing is to find those things that are interesting not just to people who know you or your program, but those things that are interesting to the mainstream public.  I think if you focus on that, then the categories of the Awards will take care of themselves.”  And for programs without access to videographers and media personnel, he suggests coaches “find a student who likes to shoot footage or has an interest in these kinds of things, and let them run with it.”

The Vikings are competing again this year in the 2012 Best of Brand Awards: Collegiate Division.  To follow their season, visit their social media sites:

@GVWrestling on Twitter / Grand View Wrestling on Facebook

And to view Grand View University’s winning Championship Lifestyle video, visit the Best of Brand page on the Elite Level Sports Marketing website.


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