ELSM Summer Internship Opportunity (Marketing)

cropped-elsmarketing-logo-square.jpgBackground: Elite Level Sport Marketing (ELSM) is a firm that specializes in the development of marketing plans and content for NCAA Olympic sport programs, coaches associations, and athletic departments.  As an emerging firm, ELSM is looking for passionate individuals who are excited about getting involved in marketing to develop their skill sets and resume.  For the individuals who are chosen for the internships, there will be a wide range of marketing activities (see below) that will provide an innovative, hands on experience.  These individuals will serve in their roles as interns for the 2013 summer.

Internship Areas: The objective for ELSM is to find individuals with a background that makes them well suited to work well in a marketing environment.  However, the ultimate goal would be to find highly motivated individuals who are looking for unique opportunities to innovate in the area of marketing.  With this being said, ELSM is seeking a team of 2-3 individuals to work on marketing initiatives during the summer.  The interns will potentially serve in the following capacities:

  • Assist in development/implementation of marketing plan for sport programs.
  • Develop marketing materials for key events (e.g., graphics, promotions, videos).
  • Creation of quality press releases/stories for organization website and blog.
  • Management of social media site (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) presence.
  • Distribution of marketing materials to key event target markets.

Qualifications: As previously mentioned, ELSM is looking for highly motivated individuals who have a proactive mindset.  However, given the capacities outlined above, it would be ideal to find individuals who have a background in one of more of the following areas. Additionally, some of the other required and preferred skill sets are listed below as well.

  • Background in sport marketing/business, journalism, and/or new media field.
  • Knowledge of sports is preferred – Interest is a requirement.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office software preferred – graphical design software and video design software a bonus (would like folks interested in learning).
  • Interest in stepping out of comfort zone to learn new skill sets.


  • Meet with internship coordinator and marketing team on a weekly basis to discuss project updates and progress.
  • Assist in the marketing capacities assigned by the internship coordinator.
  • Strive to innovate in all marketing capacities that you are assigned!

Contact: Please send email with resume to Dr. Coyte Cooper (coytecooper@elsmarketing.org) by March 1st, 2013 if you are interested in an internship position.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

(Steve Jobs)


About ELSMarketing

ELSM is a company that specializes in the development and implementation of innovative marketing plans for sport organizations, businesses, and programs. By focusing on the client’s goals and expectations, we strive to develop strategies that will build the brand of the entity in a way that will ensure future success. The bottom line is that we are committed to working with entities who are looking to take themselves to the next level from a marketing standpoint. While there are a variety of strategies that we implement to achieve this, it starts with the values we have in place for our company. Here at ELSM, “Innovation is the Expectation!”
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