Nittany Lion David Taylor Claims Social Media Wrestler of the Year Honors

Kacie Albert – ELSM

Chapel Hill, NC – The rivalry between Penn State’s David Taylor and Cornell’s Kyle Dake was restored, this time off the mat, in the battle for Social Media Wrestler of the Year, where Taylor was victorious.

Taylor Graphic“This was an extremely tight race that came down to the wire,” said ELSM CEO Coyte Cooper. “Both Taylor and Dake do an outstanding job on social media building their brand and growing the sport. The differentiating factor was that Taylor had more votes during the competition.”

Taylor outlasted seven other wrestlers, all of who had used social media to both market their school’s program and build their personal brand, in the first ever competition for Social Media Wrestler of the Year, an extension of the Best of Brand Awards.

“I am honored to receive the first annual social media award and am grateful that fans enjoy my social media activity,” said Taylor. “I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and thank the NWCA for considering me.”

Taylor earned the unique award after beating out his fellow wrestlers in two key elements: a panel of judges assessing performance (60%) and an online voting competition (40%).

Penn State wrestling was branded this past season through Taylor via his active presence on Twitter.

Taylor, who tweets from the handle @magicman_psu, brands his entire Twitter presence around his identity as a wrestler and member of the Penn State family.

Taylor’s persona comes through strongly throughout the entire account, but is highlighted by his bio and background picture, which makes a shout out to his fan club, the David Taylor Gang.

Any individual who follows or stumbles across Taylor’s profile can instantly see his passion for the sport and his school. Taylor retweets wrestling information from governmental bodies including the NCAA and NWCA, other coaches and wrestling programs and organizational entities such as USA Wrestling.

Moreover via Taylor’s Twitter profile, followers can seem him interact with fellow wrestlers who compete scholastically, collegiately, nationally and internationally.

While Taylor is passing on tidbits that provide brilliant insights and updates into the world of wrestling, the personal @magicman_psu account has also allowed Taylor’s personality to shine through and followers have been able to see the sport through the eyes of someone who has a great passion for it.

Taylor, a recent graduate of Penn State, helped the Nittany Lion’s earn three consecutive team national championships. Taylor is a one-time individual national champion, Hodge Trophy winner and NCAA Most Dominant Wrestler and earned All-American honors in three seasons.

For winning the award, Taylor will receive a custom framed awards poster and will be recognized at the NWCA Convention in August.

For more information on the “Social Media of the Year” awards, visit the ELSM site.

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