The Elevation Series: Kerry McCoy Talking Social Media Marketing and Terrapin Branding

Maryland Highlight Reel (Small)We recently got the opportunity to chat with Social Media of the Year (SMOY) finalist Kerry McCoy to discuss social media marketing and building the Maryland Wrestling brand.  Coming off of a highly successful 2012-13 branding campaign where Maryland won the Highlight Reel award and was a runner up in Gold Standard award, their staff is looking to build on efforts as they come in to the pre-season ranked #3 in the inaugural Best of Brand Power Ranking for their efforts.  Our goal was to learn more about how the program has established such a strong brand over the past two years.

ELSM: Over the last two years, there is no program that has more success in marketing than your Maryland program.  What have you done as the head coach to make sure you guys are active in building the Terrapin Wrestling brand?

McCoy: Everyone is fully engaged.  We are active in all areas on campus, in and out of 1017040_10151868119361187_609408387_nthe department.  I believe its important to build strong relationships in order to build a strong brand.

ELSM: In conversations with your staff, you guys come across as a group that is very goal oriented.  What are the specific goals that you and your staff have had when it comes to program marketing efforts?

McCoy: We want to be current, relevant and meaningful.  Everything we do has a purpose.

ELSM: This past year’s Best of Brand competition saw your program emerge victorious in the “Highlight Reel” video category. What role do you have in the production process and how have the videos impacted your marketing efforts?

McCoy: We video so much of our stuff, so it was easy to have content.  Our creative guys at Phigure8 Productions are awesome and added there flair to the content we provided.

ELSM: As an individual, you were one of the first coaches that embraced social media technology for marketing efforts. What influenced your decision to establish an individual and program presence on social media?

McCoy: I actually got into social media on a whim.  No real purpose, but once I realized how powerful it was, I knew it would be important in all facets out my life and especially our program.  I really enjoy it and that makes it worth doing.

ELSM: Going in to this season, you lose a valuable asset to your program in Todd Beckerman with him taking the head coach job at Brown.  What did Todd do to influence your program’s branding efforts and what have you done to fill the hole left by his departure?

McCoy: Todd did a great job with our social media efforts and markets ideas.  We will miss him for that as well as other things.  We are fortunate that our new coaches, Tyrone Lewis and Nate Carr and our administrative assistants Josh Asper and Sam Bell, who are active on social media, so have a few more people will help us stay on top of things and not miss a beat.

ELSM: As an elite branding coach, what advice would you have for coaches looking to invest in social media marketing initiatives?

McCoy: Take the time to do it.  It really takes an effort to have meaningful content, but once you get in the groove of posting good stuff it becomes easier and the benefits are huge.


ELSM Elevation  Series: The Elevation Series is designed to highlight programs that are investing in creative marketing initiatives.  We will release different content throughout the year to help elevate branding efforts.  Preference will be given to programs who are registered for Best of Brand awards.  Please stay tuned for creative content designed to elevate sport programs!


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