Best of Brand Awards

The Best of Brand Awards were designed by ELSM and the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) to recognize the college, high school, middle school and youth wrestling programs that are best marketing themselves via the Internet and social media sites.  With an emphasis on improving the brand of the sport, there were several awards categories (see “Awards Categories” link below) created to honor programs that invest in marketing effectively throughout the year.

AWARDS INFORMATION: This year’s competition includes 7 awards categories for college programs and 3 for programs at all other levels.  The categories range from the best promotional graphic to top overall social media presence for programs.  For more information on these categories and award deadlines, click here.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: The sign-up process for this year’s competition is completely online.  A Google Doc has been created to streamline the process.  To sign up for the competition, use the appropriate link based on your competitive level: Collegiate Division or Open Division.

CURRENT PARTICIPANTS: There are currently 50+ programs signed up for the 2012-13 awards categories.  For a list of the participating programs, click here.

PAST AWARD FINALISTS & WINNERS: During the inaugural Best of Brands awards, there were seven winners crowned at the 2012 NWCA Convention.  Click here to see the programs that were honored.

Last year’s “Gold Standard” winner Maryland at 2012 NWCA Convention

PAST VIDEO FINALISTS: During our inaugural 2011-12 awards, we honored three programs for winning the best videos.  Click here to see these videos and the finalists in each category.

BEST of BRAND NEWS FEATURES: Any press releases, spotlight pieces, etc. related to the Best of Brand Awards will be posted on this page.  Click here to view the stories.

“The only way for the sport to reach its full potential is through coaches’ consistent investment in marketing at a local level over time”


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