EXSS 322 Firm “Brilliance of Brand” Class Competition

LAB #5 TICKET PACKAGE COMPETITION: Following our discussion in yesterday’s class about unique trends in innovative packages, I wanted to follow-up to provide you with the results for our class competition.  As I said last week, there was the potential to earn points based on performance rank and through differentiated performance in the three categories.

Lab Firm Rankings (Updated)

Feedback: Overall, the entire class did a good job on this assignment.  Everybody was competitive and represented their firms in a solid manner.  However, with this being said, there were firms that clearly differentiated themselves during this project.  In fact, as I went through the review process, there were four groups that I clearly remembered as being unique when evaluating the briefings: Radar Sports Interactive, Viable Sports Marketing, Ice Sport Marketing, and Elevation Sport Marketing.  Here were the things that each of these groups did that helped them to differentiate.

1. Supplementary Packets: Three of the four groups provided me with packets prior to their presentation.  While it was not required, they went “above and beyond” and built packets that contained critical information on their packages.  In addition, these were presented in a creative format that built brand from a visual standpoint.  This approach (and organization) helped them get off on the right foot in their briefing.

2. Create Themed Package Name: As we mentioned in class, the groups that stood out were ones that came up with create names that were tailored specifically to their segment.  This small step is absolutely critical for making sure that your concept gets off the ground.

3. Innovative Themed Activation: We can call this concept the “package within the package” method.  In essence, the top groups took things a step further when extending their overall theme within their packages.  In these instances, they came up with creative entertainment and giveaways that fit perfectly within their larger package theme.  This is exactly how you activate a package!!!  This is an advanced concept that I was impressed to see in this lab session.

4. Audience Engagement: This was not something that was unique to the top four groups.  However, some of the most effective groups did a nice job of presenting their product in a manner that engaged the audience.  Given the nature of the sport industry, this is absolutely critical because you need to be able to get clients to buy in to your ideas.  Make this a priority moving forward!

5. Focus on Fun: Plain and simple, marketing needs to be fun to be successful.  This should come across in all aspects of your presentation.  While there was not a single group that completely embraced this concept, I saw it spread out throughout the different presentations.  For some, the overall concepts were a blast and this was recognized by the class.  Another group showed this by doing giveaways at the start to engage audience.  And finally, some made sure this was demonstrated in their delivery.  My hope is one group can embrace this throughout the entire final project because this is an important concept!

Take a Chance

LAB #4 COMPETITION UPDATE: We recently finished our video challenge and our point totals are now calculated for the firm competition.  Rather than draw this out, I am going to post the firm rankings and lab scores below.  Your lab #4 points were calculated with a combination of your quality of video (50%) and voting turnout (50%).  Below the table you will find some general trends that I observed throughout the video challenge lab.

Video Challenge Competition:

Overall, the quality of the videos that were turned out during the competition were solid. Considering it was the first time that many of you did any video editing, I was impressed by the products that were presented during our lab session.  With that being said, there were certainly some areas that differentiated the top videos in the class.  First, the top videos tended to consistently have clean video footage and the transitions were smooth throughout.  While it seems like a simple thing, it is very difficult to create a video that is smooth throughout from a visual standpoint.  The top groups combined this with the inclusion of appropriate music and a nice overall theme.  The end result were videos that were slightly above the rest of the class.  Some other considerations for groups are included below.

1. Abrupt transitions or endings: One of the things that was noticeable was that there were a few groups that had transitions that were not completely clean.  As you saw in class, this small issue can hurt the entire brand of the video.  In addition, the same concept applies for an abrupt ending.  The good news is that this is an easy change that groups can make to become more competitive.

2. Inconsistent video quality: This is a tough one because you only had a week to find video footage to create your product.  However, top groups tended to have quality video throughout.  This is just something to keep in mind as you move forward on your final project.

3. Finding meaning in messaging: This is an area that a few groups were able to achieve.  When you craft a video that has creative messaging, you are more likely to engage your audience.  With the right use of music, video footage, and transitions, you can make your video come to life and you can create emotion for viewers.  Keep striving to achieve this and it will pay dividends down the road.

4. Being active is key to engagement: During the voting component of the competition, you quickly learn which groups are proactive via social media.  While the voting structure was not perfect, the top groups got out and were consistently active recruiting people to vote for their firm on Facebook and Twitter.  I know this because I saw them posting messages throughout the competition.  In addition, these groups “tagged” others to make sure they helped circulate their messages.  These individuals definitely jumped out of their comfort zone and were probably able to grow their skill sets.

5. No involvement is an issue: For the voting component, there were groups that did not engage in the recruitment process.  As you move forward, please understand that drawing back and not being involved hurts you because you are not developing skill sets.  This is something we certainly want to address moving forward.

Conclusion: Overall, despite the areas I mentioned above, I was very happy with the performance during this lab session.  Every group did some nice things in their videos that they created – and the overall voting presence was above my expectations.  So, kudos to all of the groups who really pushed hard throughout this process.  It is exciting for me to see you develop unique marketing skill sets as you move throughout the semester!


Lab #2: Best of Core Brand (Breakdown)

The firm marketing competition has officially kicked off in our class.  Based on our feedback, we have all of the rankings compiled for the five categories that were included in our second lab.  For specific information on these categories, click here.  Building on this, we now have the overall cumulative firm rankings for the lab #2 assignment.  These rankings and the associated class competition points are provided below.

Firm Final Ratings

Moving forward, this will be the page that features the updated firm scores.  We will be building this into more class lectures and social media interaction so be ready to get after it.  We will discuss some general trends in next week’s class session.  Congrats to the firms that differentiated early in this process.  To the rest, be open to feedback and be ready to improve!  Have a great weekend!