ELSM Internship Program

ELSMarketing LogoBackground Information: The ELSM internship program is one that allows students to get hands on experience in the area of sport marketing.  By putting young professionals in a situation to help grow ELSM and sport programs, they are able to develop unique skill sets while building their resume.  In addition to being specific job positions (e.g., video production, graphic design, website development, general marketing), the internship program has different opportunities throughout the year.

Upcoming Opportunities: While an internship team is in place, we will consider applications throughout the 2013-14 academic year for high quality candidates.  In addition, we will be looking for summer 2014 interns throughout the year so please send a cover letter and resume to ceo@elsmarketing.org if you are interested.  For specific information on the opportunities for next year, click on the links below.  While the dates have past, these will give you examples of the experience available.

Academic Year 2013-14 (ELSM General Marketing InternshipsELSM Graphics Design InternshipELSM Journalism InternshipELSM Video Production Internship)

ELSM Staff Members

Contact Information: For more information on internship opportunities, please contact Coyte Cooper (ceo@elsmarketing.org).

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