Outreach Initiatives

ELSMarketing LogoOutreach Philosophy: At ELSM, we are constantly on the lookout for outreach initiatives that will make a lasting impact on sport programs.  While we strive to empower coaches and professionals to brand their programs in an innovative manner, the firm is also active in getting involved in the development of innovative marketing strategies for athletic departments, coaches associations, and sport programs.  Below are some examples of outreach projects that ELSM has taken on during the past year.  We look forward to compounding our efforts during the next year with our new ELSM internship program.

“Our goal is to help grow underrepresented sports by inspiring coaches and professionals to take an active role in innovative brand building initiatives”

1. Branding Training Seminars: At the core of ELSM’s efforts is a philosophy that involves training coaches and marketing professionals who are passionate about branding their program(s). In order to do this, the firm has become active in conducting specialized branding seminars for athletic departments and coaches associations.

2. Best of Brand Awards: The Best of Brand Awards were a collaborative initiative with the BoB Logo 2National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) to honor wrestling programs for their investment in marketing.  By creating an awards programs with seven categories, the goal was to inspire coaches to engage in branding initiatives that would strengthen the support surrounding their program to enhance sustainability initiatives.  For more information on the awards, click here.

3. Program Marketing Plan Development: During the fall semester, ELSM partnered with UNC graduate Sport Administration students to create custom marketing plans for five NCAA Olympic sport programs.  Using the Marketing Manual as a guide, the students met with the individual coaching staffs to develop unique marketing strategies to build the brand of the program (examples of marketing plans and products will be posted soon).

4. Future Initiatives Coming Soon: If you have an outreach project that you would like ELSM to consider, please email Coyte Cooper (CEO@ELSMarketing.org).  We will take on at least 2-3 volunteer projects each year and will consider your initiative if it has the potential to add value to other programs.