Program Development Center

ELSMarketing LogoAt ELSM, we are committed to providing coaches and marketing professionals at all levels with resources to grow their program(s).  While there are a variety of ways to do this, marketing is at the center of most growth initiatives.  In essence, we want to help programs to build their brand so they can reach their full potential from a marketing standpoint.  Thus, this page is dedicated to becoming a “one-stop” site for coaches, athletic departments, coaches associations, and professionals interested in marketing development.  So, visit often and please let us know if there are any materials we can provide in the future.


1.  The Marketing Manual: In a partnership with the National Collegiate Athletic Marketing Manual GraphicAssociation (NCAA) and National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA), ELSM created a Marketing Manual designed to provide coaches with basic concepts that they can use to market their programs effectively.  In essence, the manual outlines seven steps that all programs can take if they are interested in building support in their athletic department and local community.  For more information on the manual, click here.  To download the manual for free, click on the manual graphic to the right.

2.  Training Entries: In coordination with the Marketing Manual, ELSM has also released a wide range of training entries to provide coaches with additional marketing concepts to implement.  In an effort to best guide coaches and professionals, the top entries have been included in a logical order so that coaches have a structure to progress in a step-by-step manner.  In addition, they have been placed into three specific phases that are critical for marketing success.  If individuals follow these steps, they can develop a marketing presence that will grow their program in the near future.

I. Planning Phase: In marketing, it is important that you take the time to consider what you would like to achieve through your efforts.  It is this vision that guides you to make strategic investments that will build your brand.  The steps below are designed to help you in the planning phase.

II. Foundational Phase: Once you have a vision of what you would like to achieve via marketing, there are foundational elements that you must embrace to maximize your efforts. In essence, these are concepts that are essential to all innovative marketing endeavors.  If you fully embrace these concepts, you will differentiate your brand from other programs.

III. Creative Implementation Phase: Building on the previous steps, there is a final phase that is critical for differentiation in marketing.  Once you have a solid foundation (and vision) in place, it is important to develop a mindset where you strive for creativity in your delivery. The entries below are designed to help you deliver an innovative product to your followers.

3. Innovative Examples: As you develop a strategy to market your program(s), it is important to have examples to guide your efforts.  It is because of this that ELSM has developed a “Innovative Examples” page on the site.  In essence, this is an area that includes examples of marketing plans, promotional graphics/videos, and event promotion templates.  For more information on this area, click here.