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ELSMarketing LogoDescription: Elite Level Sport Marketing (ELSM) is dedicated to providing coaches, professionals, and supporters with resources to help grow sport programs at all levels.  Thus, this Resource Vault page was created to provide marketing educational content that is useful for innovative brand building initiatives.  The goal of the page is simple: provide resources that will allow motivated individuals to take their branding efforts to a new level.

Branding Update: PWCA Convention Presentation

Key Site Development Areas: There are a couple of site areas that have been designed for individuals interested in growing programs from a marketing standpoint.  Each of the areas described below will be updated on a regular basis to provide additional development opportunities.

1. Program Development Center: The Program Development Center is a page that is Marketing Manual Graphicdesigned to provide coaches and professionals with resources to position their programs effectively.  In addition to a step-by-step Marketing Manual that was created in coordination with the NCAA and NWCA, the page includes innovative entries that will help coaches (and professionals) understand the steps they need to take to build their brand effectively in the surrounding community.  This is a page that is ideal for a marketing employee, coach, and/or intern interested in a development step-by-step approach to growing a program from a marketing standpoint.

2. Innovative Marketing Examples: This is a page dedicated specifically to providing coaches and professionals with examples of specialized marketing plans and strategies.  In addition to providing specific program examples, there is a “Developmental Documents” section that includes entries that outline effective marketing strategies from a wide range of industries. For more information, click here.  This page is ideal for individuals looking for examples to use while they are creating their marketing plan for their program(s).  The best strategy is to use this page in coordination with the “Program Development Center.”

3. Additional Resources: For individuals who want to receive immediate marketing resource updates, please sign up for the ELSM mailing list.  In addition to receiving innovative marketing messaging on a regular basis, you will also have opportunities to win ESLM apparel and other creative prizes.  If this sound interesting, be sure to sign up today!

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