Innovative Marketing Examples

ELSMarketing LogoThe Innovative Marketing Example page is dedicated to providing outlines of marketing plans and examples of documents critical for positioning programs. The centerpiece for this page is an “Intent2Innovate Illustrations” section that features innovative marketing examples (e.g., marketing plan templates, promotions examples) to help grow programs. In addition, for coaches and professionals interested in developing their branding skill sets, there is a “Development Documents” section that will feature entries highlighting creatives branding initiatives.  We will have more content coming soon so please visit often!

#Intent2Innovate Illustrations: Sometimes you need a little structure to get things moving in marketing. At ELSM, we understand this and want to make sure you have resources to get the creative juices flowing. This section will be dedicated to providing coaches and professionals with innovative marketing examples.

Development Documents: Once professionals catch the “branding bug” and want to further develop marketing skill sets, it is important that they have additional resources to help foster creative marketing concepts. This section is dedicated to highlighting innovative marketing strategies for the advanced marketing mind.

Custom Storylines: In addition to providing innovative developmental resources, we want to highlight coaches and professionals who are effectively investing in marketing initiatives. The links to current ELSM stories will be included here.